What We Look For

We're teamed by very simple and easy industry veterans from Joypac, Sinagames, Yodo 1 with common goals of helping western developers/publishers enter China market, particularly focusing on mid-core games, idle & simulation games monetization and publishing in China. We've worked with Netmarble EMEA, AppQuantum, Greenpanda, No Power-up, Pixodust etc in publishing their games in China, successful titles ie. CityBusInc IdleLightCity, IdleConstruction3D, IdleAquaPark, Idle Farmer etc. We're always open and partner-oriented, being transparent in metrics, supportive in offering all-round services for our partners, including localization, marketing, monetization, modification of the game, ISBN etc. For us, we would love to hear more from our partners in terms of products, expectations ect. so that we would be able to meet up the mutual goals of each other and build up a long-term partnership.

           Our Partners